AsicsMen’s Gt-2000 9 Knit Running Shoe

AsicsMen’s Gt-2000 9 Knit Running Shoe

AsicsMen’s Gt-2000 9 Knit Running Shoe

Are you a runner looking for the perfect combination of comfort and support? Look no further than the AsicsMen’s Gt-2000 9 Knit Running Shoe. This innovative shoe is designed to provide you with the best running experience possible, whether you’re hitting the pavement or the trails.

Key Features

1. Knit Upper

The knit upper of the AsicsMen’s Gt-2000 9 provides a snug and supportive fit, while also allowing for breathability to keep your feet cool and dry.

2. FlyteFoam Technology

Featuring Asics’ FlyteFoam technology, these shoes offer lightweight cushioning and bounce back, ensuring a responsive and energized run every time.

3. Dynamic DuoMax Support System

The Dynamic DuoMax Support System enhances stability and support, making these shoes ideal for overpronators.


Are these shoes true to size?

Yes, these shoes are true to size and provide a comfortable fit for most runners.

Can I use these shoes for trail running?

While these shoes are primarily designed for road running, they can also handle light trail running.


The AsicsMen’s Gt-2000 9 Knit Running Shoe is a top choice for runners seeking a blend of comfort and support. With its knit upper, FlyteFoam technology, and Dynamic DuoMax Support System, these shoes are sure to elevate your running experience. Try them out for yourself and feel the difference!

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