Clinical Behavioral Medicine For Small Animals

Clinical Behavioral Medicine For Small Animals

Clinical Behavioral Medicine For Small Animals

Are you a pet owner struggling with behavioral issues in your small animal? Look no further! Clinical Behavioral Medicine for Small Animals by Karen Overall MA VMD PhD DACVB CAAB is here to help. This groundbreaking book offers comprehensive insights into the behavioral problems faced by small animals and provides effective treatment strategies.

Understanding Small Animal Behavior

Small animals, such as dogs and cats, often exhibit various behavioral issues that can be challenging for pet owners. From separation anxiety to aggression, these problems can significantly impact the well-being of both the animal and its owner. Clinical Behavioral Medicine for Small Animals aims to shed light on the underlying causes of these behaviors and offers practical solutions to address them.

Effective Treatment Strategies

Karen Overall, a renowned expert in veterinary behavioral medicine, shares her extensive knowledge and experience in this book. She provides evidence-based treatment strategies that have been proven to be effective in managing and modifying small animal behavior. Whether you are dealing with a hyperactive dog or a fearful cat, this book offers step-by-step guidance on how to address these issues.

Key Topics Covered

  • Understanding the root causes of small animal behavior problems
  • Recognizing and managing separation anxiety
  • Addressing aggression and fear-related behaviors
  • Dealing with compulsive disorders
  • Implementing behavior modification techniques
Frequently Asked Questions
  1. Can this book help with my cat’s litter box issues?
  2. Yes, Clinical Behavioral Medicine for Small Animals provides insights into litter box problems and offers strategies to address them effectively.

  3. Is this book suitable for pet owners with no prior knowledge of animal behavior?
  4. Absolutely! Karen Overall explains complex concepts in a clear and accessible manner, making it easy for anyone to understand and apply the techniques.

  5. Are the treatment strategies in this book scientifically backed?
  6. Yes, all the treatment strategies mentioned in this book are based on scientific research and Karen Overall’s extensive experience in the field of veterinary behavioral medicine.


Clinical Behavioral Medicine for Small Animals is a must-have resource for pet owners and veterinary professionals alike. With its comprehensive insights and effective treatment strategies, this book empowers individuals to address and manage behavioral issues in small animals successfully. Don’t let your pet’s behavior problems go unresolved – get your copy of Clinical Behavioral Medicine for Small Animals today!

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