Durable Metal Tray for Dog Kennel Crate

Durable Metal Tray for Dog Kennel Crate

Durable Metal Tray for Dog Kennel Crate

Eliminate the need for cheap plastic floor liners. Cheap polypropylene or ABS plastic crate pans are always getting destroyed. With our durable replacement tray for dog crate, free yourself from the hassle of buying a new crate pan every few months.

Why Choose Our Metal Tray?

Made to last: Even if you have a BIG dog, their weight won’t damage this durable pan. Metal construction ensures lifetime usage without ripping, tearing, breakage, or shattering. It is also odor-resistant, leak-proof, rust-free, and chew-proof.

Keeps Your Floors Clean

Raised and folded edges keep dirt and spills contained inside, keeping the floors and crate clean.


Multi-purpose and all-rounder crate pan is suitable for use in mudroom, closet, garage, garden, cars, and more.

Custom Sizes Available

If you cannot find the right size for your crate, don’t worry. You can also order a custom size that would perfectly fit in the crate.


23 1/2″ x 17 1/2″ x 1″ H

  • Say no to chewed up plastic floor liners
  • Lifetime guarantee
  • Galvanized finish
  • Built to last
  • Safe and secure

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use this tray for purposes other than a dog crate?

Yes, you can also use it to hold muddy shoes, a half-finished puzzle, or your pet’s food bowls. It is perfect for pet trays, pet crate trays, grease dip traps, garage, and garden!

Is the metal tray odor-resistant?

Yes, it is odor-resistant, leak-proof, and chew-proof, making it safe for your pet and convenient for you.

Is the tray easy to clean?

Yes, the metal tray is easy to clean and maintain, ensuring long-lasting durability.


Say goodbye to cheap plastic crate pans and invest in our durable metal tray for dog kennel crate. Made in the USA, our metal tray is odor-resistant, leak-proof, and chew-proof, providing a safe and secure environment for your pet. Order now and enjoy a hassle-free purchase with our lifetime guarantee!

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