FunsLane Beach Sand Toys Set for Kids

FunsLane Beach Sand Toys Set for Kids

FunsLane Beach Sand Toys Set for Kids

Are you looking for the perfect summer toy for your kids? Look no further than the FunsLane Beach Sand Toys Set! This 15-piece set is designed to provide hours of fun and creativity for boys, girls, and toddlers. Whether you’re heading to the beach or playing in the backyard sandbox, this set has everything your little ones need to build, dig, and explore.


High-Quality Materials

The FunsLane Beach Sand Toys Set is made of durable, non-toxic plastic that is safe for kids to play with. The bright and vibrant colors are sure to capture their attention and spark their imagination.

15-Piece Set

This set includes a sand bucket, shovel, rake, and a variety of molds in fun shapes like a castle, fish, and more. There’s even a water can to add an extra element of fun to their sand creations.

Easy to Carry

All the pieces fit neatly inside the sand bucket, making it easy to transport to and from the beach or sandbox. The bucket also has a sturdy handle for kids to carry around on their own.


Playing with sand toys can help kids develop their fine motor skills, hand-eye coordination, and creativity. It also encourages outdoor play and provides a sensory experience that can be both calming and stimulating for young children.


Are the toys easy to clean?

Yes, the plastic toys can be easily rinsed with water and dried for the next playtime.

What age range is this set suitable for?

The FunsLane Beach Sand Toys Set is designed for kids ages 3 and up.


The FunsLane Beach Sand Toys Set for Kids is a must-have for any summer adventure. With its durable construction, vibrant colors, and variety of pieces, it’s sure to provide endless entertainment for your little ones. Get ready for a summer full of sandcastles, digging, and imaginative play!

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