Portable Pregnant Woman Toilet Seat Cover


Portable Pregnant Woman Toilet Seat Cover

Portable Pregnant Woman Toilet Seat Cover

Keep yourself and your family clean and protected with our portable pregnant woman toilet seat cover. Perfect for travel, hotels, and everyday use.


  • PE film material with constant temperature and pressure seal
  • Granular design for non-slip surface
  • Individually packaged for easy carrying
  • Suitable for baby potty training and daily use by pregnant women and mothers
  • Waterproof and tear-resistant

Environmentally Friendly

The toilet seat cover is made of non-toxic, tasteless, non-slip embossed PE film, ensuring it is safe for use and environmentally friendly.

Individually Packaged

Each piece is individually sealed and packaged, making it convenient for travel and ensuring cleanliness.

Hygienic and Protective

Protect yourself and your family from bacteria and dirt in public toilets. The cover provides a barrier for a clean and hygienic experience.

Multi-Purpose Use

Perfect for use in public places such as airports, stations, schools, hotels, hospitals, and shopping centers. Also great for camping and outdoor activities.


Is the toilet seat cover suitable for all toilet sizes?

Yes, the size of the cover can almost meet all toilet sizes, covering the front and sides of the toilet.

Is the cover waterproof?

Yes, the cover is waterproof and can protect the skin from dirt.

How many covers are included in a box?

Each box contains 50 pieces, which can meet daily needs.


Our portable pregnant woman toilet seat cover is a must-have for any family. It provides a clean and hygienic solution for public toilets, travel, and everyday use. With its waterproof and tear-resistant design, it offers peace of mind and protection for you and your loved ones.

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